The new breed of surgeons

There has been a lot going on lately with the newest update of surgeons coming along and moving forward. I sometimes worry about this, as the kids that come up nowadays don’t seem to have a backbone, they seem to whine and complain about everything so I pray that any new surgeon that graduates doesn’t follow those guidelines or we are all in for a lot of trouble.

Thankfully the way we work things now is a bit different then back then. Though the kids come more educated, they also come out more deserving or thinking they deserve more than anything else. I’m here to let you know that as a locksmith who also dealt with fire damage by trade, I don’t like the way most of these kids whine and cry about everything. I am keeping my fingers crossed that as a society we move forward that some of this cry baby mentality leaves us all. One last thing, check out this video above I always find it absolutely amazing and incredible that someone has hands that are as steady as the ones you see. I would be so scared doing this to a person, I guess that’s why there is different flavors in this world.

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A surgeon that caused water damage on a smithy

I must say a huge thank you to surgeons out there, without them things would be a bit scary. They go to school for a super long amount of time and have nerves of steel, I am always very thankful and appreciative of them. I know it’s a job I could never do, I don’t think my hands are steady enough to do something like that. There was a company called Best Denver Damage that I had recently learned about and what they are is a company who specializes in helping surgeons with their smoke and or fire needs.

They work along side the Colorado Fire Remediation team and do a great job as well. I had to actually work along side them a while back, I myself being a locksmith by trade was able to see how they could put everything together and use it as a team. The surgeons and the top mold removal company all worked as one in order to get the task accomplished. I believe they are looking on moving over to other areas of people to work with, but as of now I believe the surgeons keep them plenty busy.




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Surgery on a waterpicked lock

Ever thought you’d come to the day to see surgery done on a lock? Not the type you are thinking about though, the surgery is actually done on the lock. It’s done in a way that would completely surprise you though. They take the lock apart and reprogram it completely. They actually use water power jets which could cause water damage if they aren’t careful. Anyway they use the high power water jets to cut through the Residential Locksmith which allows them to completely set it back up.


I had actually watched this happen, it was a thing of beauty and I thought it was super cool to see a high powered water jet slice completely through a master lock. Even a Best emergency Locksmith would be proud to see such a thing. Speaking on Smiths, I recently had locked my keys in my car and like a dummy, I had to call one. They had really fast service, so thankfully I didn’t freeze my you know what’s off during the whole thing. The Westminster CO Locksmith was even able to help me create a duplicate key that I can hide in case I do the same thing again, this time I will hide it.

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